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Visas Expats Use to Move to Panama

There are different visas that foreigners can use to move to Panama. Panama makes it very easy for foreigners who want to move to this country.  There are a number of different visas that can be used to move to Panama.

In this article, we will let you know the visas that most expats use to live in Panama. 

Panama Pensionado Visa

The Pensionado Visa allows foreigners to obtain legal  residency in Panama under the condition that they have a pension income guaranteed for life and must be a minimum of one thousand US Dollars (US$1,000) per month

If your pension income is less than US$1,000 per month, but equal to or more than US$750 per month, you may purchase any Panama real estate property with a value of at least US$100,000, which reduces the lifetime monthly pension income requirement down to a minimum of US$750

According to the Panama Immigration Department, you only need to provide the requirements and documents needed. This certification must be notarized and authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate nearest you (or by apostile).

Work Permit

The Ministry of Work and Labor Development is the organization in charge to approve the working permits for foreign workers.  If you get hired to work in Panama by either a local or multinational company, you can qualify for temporary residency with a work permit. Companies in Panama can hire foreigners to a maximum of 10% of their workforce.

Persons who may apply: 

  1. Foreign worker with spouse of Panamanian nationality.
  2. Foreign worker with 10 or more years of residence in Panama. 
  3. Foreign worker within the 10% of the ordinary personnel. 
  4. Expert foreign worker or technician within the 15% of the specialized personnel. 
  5. Expert foreign worker or temporary technician within the 15% of the specialized personnel. 
  6. Foreign worker as executive in a company of the Colon Free Zone.
  7. Foreign worker in a company that has less than ten workers, according to the Marrakech Agreement. 
  8. Foreign worker as trustworthy employee of a company that produce its effects abroad. 
  9. Alien in quality of Refugee.

Panama Friendly Nations Visa

The goal of the friendly nations visa to make it easier for foreigners to live and work in Panama. Once you get a friendly nations visa, you are then eligible to apply for a work permit. In fact they make it easy to do so. It is all part of an effort by the Panama government to ease their shortage of skilled workers.

This new visa category applies to citizens of 47 different countries with professional and economic ties to Panama. You can find the full list here.

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