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Things to Consider Before Buying a Property in Panama

Before buying a property in Panama there are many things that should be taken into consideration like: if you have the budget, what kind of environment you want to be surround and location.

A great advantage of buying a property in Panama is that the real estate market is growing with the passing of the years and this is due to the financial offer of the banking sector. The chances of obtaining a loan or a mortgage for the purchase of a property in Panama increase every day.

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What to consider before buying a property in Panama?

Services: Services such as banks, pharmacies, supermarkets and shopping centers are something you should have close by. This gives you an excellent reference point to your new home and additionally it is convenient to have malls nearby.

Safety: It is very important that you look for a safe place and at the same time is to your liking. A quiet place where you have the confidence to go out and walk. 

Location: When buying a property look for places with important streets or services that you require, such as: education, health, commerce, security, transportation, recreation and more.

Public services: As a general rule, the seller must have  all  services payments updated such as: electricity, water and gas.

Capital gain: It is important to analyze the growth of the area where you want to live; if there are work centers, entertainment options and important avenues. The property will gain value over the years, so it is important to take into account where you are going to buy the property.

When you think about buying a property in Panama you need the help of someone who knows how the buying and selling process is. At TDI Real Estate we are experts in the buying and selling property in Panama, and we can help you find the right property for you.

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