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The Best Beaches in Panama

Panama is a country with two long coasts, this mean lots of beautiful beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The best beaches in Panama has beautiful scenery, fabulous weather, vibrant communities, and great quality inexpensive housing.

One of the best things about Panama is that it has beaches leading onto two oceans: the Pacific and the Caribbean.

#1 Coronado

Coronado is a beach town just only an hour away from Panama City. The beaches in Coronado have fantastic black and white sand, and are great fun to visit. The town of Coronado also ha leisure facilities including bars, restaurants, shops, banks, supermarkets and more.

This beach town is very popular and has a great expat community. Coronado has developed into a busy commercial center that makes for a turn-key retirement choice.

#2 Santa Catalina

The beaches of Santa Catalina offer incredible surfing opportunities. Santa Catalina is located on the Chiriquí Gulf in the state of Veraguas, Panama. The town is growing, and is developing more and more facilities for expats.

Santa Catalina is a tropical paradise and offers some of the best surf in Panama, the closest access point to Isla Coiba with its world class diving, great local dives and fishing and quiet charm for relaxing.

Beach Home in Santa Catalina

#3 Pedasi

Pedasi is one of Panama’s most authentic and charming small towns. Located at the southeast corner of the Azuero Peninsula. It’s a relaxed, low-key place with a rich history of folklore.

Pedasi is a town where you can expect to be greeted by friendly residents, and great food. In this area, some of the beaches feature beautiful lava covered sand.Whether you’re into surfing, scuba diving, sports fishing, or horseback riding, you’ll find something to enjoy in the area.

Pedasi is also considered one of the best places for witnessing the annual migration of the humpback whale. During the season (June to November).

#3 Isla Bastimentos

Isla Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro: Cayos Zapatillas, or the "Slippers Islands" (so-called because they resemble footprints), not only fulfill the beach lover's fantasy with their soft sand backed by a tangle of jungle; they are also surrounded by a rich display of coral that attracts hordes of fish, providing good snorkeling.

Isla Bastimentos, offers spectacular beaches with clean sand and blue water, such as Red Frog Beach, Wizard Beach, and Playa Larga, which can be reached by a short walk or hike, or by boat during the calm-water season from August through October.