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Restaurants in Panama with authentic food

Panama is not only distinguished by its natural beauty and its cosmopolitan city, but also by its rich and varied gastronomy. You will be able to find a great variety of restaurants in Panama with a wide multitude of dishes. The reason why gastronomy in Panama is so varied is because of its history, since many cultures passed before and after the construction of the Panama Canal.

In this article we will give you some recommendations of restaurants in Panama for authentic food.

1) Las Tinajas

Las Tinajas restaurant is traditional Panamanian food where you can enjoy a folkloric show with traditional Panama dances. Their cuisine is authentic and is based on Panamanian recipes from all over the country.

In this restaurant you will be able to fully appreciate the Panamanian culture as: diablicos sucios, empolleradas, montunos and more to the sound of live music.

2) Café Coca Cola

Café Coca Cola is one of the few restaurants in Panama that has been open since 1875 and was the first place to serve Coca Cola in the city. This restaurant full of stories is located in Avenida Central near Casco Antiguo and the food is homemade type. There are tourists as well as old people who have been there for decades.

Some high profile personalities who frequented the Coca Cola Café were Fidel Castro, Evita Perón, Julio Iglesias, Gilberto Santarrosas, among others.

3) El Trapiche

El Trapiche is located in the heart of Panama City and is a restaurant that has authentic Panamanian cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is decorated like a typical traditional house and gives the feeling of being in a house in the interior of the country. The dishes that are served are very traditional like the sancocho, the rice with chicken, ropa vieja, the chicharrón, the almojábano and the carimañola.

4) Sabores del Chorrillo

This is a new market located on the Cinta Costera III in front of the sea that contains a series of small outdoor restaurants serving seafood dishes on the market. Usually the people who go to this place ask for an entree of ceviche with beer and then a fried fish with patacones as main course.

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