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Luxury Buildings in Panama

Luxury buildings in Panama are characterized by being skyscrapers and have modernity and innovation. Panama is the only country representing Latin America and Central America with skyscrapers in the world ranking. Some of the buildings in Panama are on the list of the 200 highest buildings in the world.

Luxury buildings in Panama are located in the areas facing the Pacific Ocean, such as Ave. Balboa, Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica.

1) Trump Ocean Club 

Trump Tower is one of the luxurious buildings in Panama and located in the exclusive area of Punta Pacifica. This building offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Panama City, high-end amenities and a wonderful oceanfront location close to local attractions, corporate business areas and the airport.

The Trump Ocean Club has 70 floors, 12 elevators, five-star residential, hotel, resort, casino, restaurants and bars with spectacular views of Panama Bay. The Trump Tower is one of the luxurious buildings in Panama that offers its guests and residents services and first-class amenities. 


2) Yoo Panama

Yoo Panama is located on Avenida Balboa with 73 floors and 6 elevators and is considered to be one of the most sophisticated luxury buildings in Panama. This building was built under the concept and goal of providing a high level of living to its residents. The Yoo It is an iconic building with loft and penthouse apartments offering spectacular views of the sea and the city.



3) The Point

The Point is a 67-story residential building located in Paitilla, across from Panama Bay. This luxurious building enjoys the best location in Panama City. This building, because it is in a privileged location, besides its height, is the one that stands out most in the skyline of Panama City, and is visible from far away.

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