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Investing in real estate in Panama

Investing in real estate in Panama has become a common and fruitful business over the years. Investing in Panama is a great opportunity to generate large dividends as a result of its strategic geographical location, productive potential and natural resources with a stable economy.

Buying a property in Panama is a good investment and also a fairly simple process. The government offers several tax advantages in terms of investing in real estate in Panama, increasing the interest of many entrepreneurs.

Choose the area that suits what you are looking for

Among the main residential areas to buy a property in Panama are the following neighborhoods: Marbella, Punta Paitilla, Punta Pacifica, Bella Vista, Obarrio,Avenida Balboa, San Francisco, Coco del Mar or Costa del Este. On the outsire of Panama City there are also comfortable residential areas such as Albrook, Panama Pacifico, and Arraiján.

Consider selecting the location in which you are going to invest in real estate in Panama, as this will ensure a correct valuation and ease of sale in the short or long term.

When buying a property in Panama you should take into account if you want to establish a commercial premises or some type of business, which is the ideal area for such trade.

Stability and Economic Growth

Since 1989, Panama has had a stable government democratically elected without political instability or civil unrest.

Despite the global economic crisis, Panama's economy has been growing since 2005 with low inflation, low unemployment and steady growth in gross domestic product (GDP).

Contact a real estate professional in Panama

The services of real estate companies in Panama have professional and bilingual staff that guide the interested in everything concerning the purchase or rental of a property and due legal advice.

In TDI Real Estate you will not only be advised only with respect to the properties that are currently for sale, but also give you advice about the property you need and of course the budget you have available. TDI are experts in buying and selling properties in Panama.

If your interest is to sell your property we recommend contacting us.

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