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How to show your property in Panama in the best conditions

Making a good impression is important as part of the process of a successful sale. When people are looking to buy a property in Panama they want to imagine themselves in that space and feel a pleasant atmosphere. You should remove all the clutter you see before showing it to potential buyers. This may include removing some furniture to make the rooms look bigger, and storing family photographs and personal items.

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Tips to prepare property before showing it:

  • It is essential that the property you want to sell must be properly cleaned and in order. The furniture should be impeccable and the bed sheets very well laid out. It is recommended that the walls be painted and the windows clean. A stained or scratched wall gives the feeling of dirt in general.

  • To create a pleasant and cozy feeling, you can place air fresheners or odor products. Avoid cigarette, humidity, food, or pet odors.
  • In bathrooms remove used towels and toothbrushes. Add clean towels, soaps and a new shower curtain.

  • If your property has a garden, have the grass cut and wet so it looks clean and tidy.

Help from a Real Estate Agency

Look for the help of a real estate agency in Panama to list your property. Tell your real estate agent why someone would like to live there and be sure to mention all the features and details of the property.

After you have considered all the aspects before selling a property in Panama, think about whether you have the experience you need so that you can carry out the sale process. There are important details to consider as they are: the cost, the documentation you must keep abreast, signing the contract, and how you will promote your property.

When you think of buying a property in Panama you need the help of someone who knows how the process is. At TDI Real Estate we are experts in buying and selling properties in Panama, and we can help you find the perfect buyer for your property.

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