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How to sell a property in Panama

If you have decided to sell a property in Panama make sure that it is as attractive as possible so that customers are encouraged to buy the property. Make an inspection before selling a property so that you can see if there are any imperfections and get it ready on time.

The most important factors that determine to sell a property in Panama are: the price, the location, the form of payment and the conditions of the property.

Property Taxes in Panama

One of the most important details to consider before selling a property in Panama are the taxes owed on sale. If your property is in the name of a corporation, or your personal name, you should consider 5% of the final sale price of the taxes.

A transfer of shares of a company that owns a property, the law says that the buyer must retain 5% of the sale price and take responsibility for the payment of taxes.

In the case of a transfer of ownership, then there are two different taxes to consider. This is a transfer tax of 2%, and the other is 3% of the capital imposed on profits. Both taxes are calculated based on the social selling price of the property.


The standard property commission in Panama is 5% of the sale price. Sometimes, if the property is located at a distance or requires special resources to show it, it is common for real estate agencies to charge a higher percentage to offset expenses.

Commissions are usually paid by the seller. If there is more than one real estate agent involved in a sale of a property in Panama, then the total commission is divided between them.

Professional Help

After you have considered all aspects before you sell a property in Panama, think about whether you have the experience you need so that you can carry out the selling process. There are important details to consider such as: the real value of the property, the documentation you must keep abreast, the tax payments you will make and how you will promote your property.

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