Posted by Maria Arias on May 25, 2017 | Real Estate Advices | 0

How to sell a Panama Property in a short time

A person can generally sell a house faster by lowering the price, and this is not the idea. There are other ways to sell your Panama property in a short time. We know how frustrating it should be for you to sell a property fast, hoping the perfect buyer will come along and make a great offer.

In this article, we will give some tips to sell your Panama property in a short time.

List your property

List your property with a real estate agency. Tell your real estate agent why someone would like to live there and make sure he knows the features and property details. So you can make it easy for them to sell your Panama property. 

In Panama, 5% is the usual commission. Always be aware what price your agent are listing your property at. Sometimes agents list a property for a high price, so they can earn more money. 

Your property is different

You have to make your property more memorable, consider custom designs or additions, such as landscaping, high-grade windows or a new roof. This will help improve the home's beauty, and at the same time adding value to your property.

If you're going to invest in your property, do your research and be sure to put your money into the things you consider will get you the best return. If you have added any custom features that you think buyers will be interested in, make sure they are included in the home's listing information. 

Clean the disorder

Remove all the disorder you see from the property before showing it to potential buyers because buyers like to picture themselves in the space. This might include removing some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and putting away family photographs and personal items. 

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