Posted by Maria Arias on May 18, 2017 | Real Estate Advices | 0

How to find an apartment in Panama within a week

Searching an apartment in Panama takes time and effort. Whether you need to relocate for a new job  or you need to find a new place to live  at the last minute. Though we know it is more prudent to allot one to two months to find a place to live in Panama, you might not always have that much time available. You can help ensure you are successful by using a few simple tips and tricks.

Phone Calls

You will need to be proactive in finding potential units to tour, view and perhaps for which you'll sign a  contract. Start by calling all known apartment complexes in the area you want to live in Panama. To know what is available and what is within your price range. Making phone calls and speaking to apartment managers and real estate agents will help guide you to the buildings that have current vacancies.

Ask Questions

Asking friends, family, co-workers and business associates can facilitate finding your new apartment. You can also place advertisements online and ask for ideas through social media. 

Documents Ready

 Have all your basic documents scanned and ready to email.

What you need

You need to first do your research and determine what kind of apartment you want.  Decide the exact neighborhood you want to live in.  Then you should make a list of what you can — and can’t — live without.  For example if you know you need a pet-friendly building, or a single family apartment. 

Look Around the Town

Whether by Googling or drive around the town you will be able to locate a place to live quickly.  Write down all addresses and phone numbers for places where you see a "for rent" or "for sale" sign. Enlist the list of numbers collected and start calling to inquire about each property. The more places you contact, the better your chances will be in terms of finding an apartment in Panama. 

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