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Family areas to live in Panama

Living in Panama offers excellent advantages such as its geographical position, climate, and cost of living. In Panama it is not usual to see hurricanes or earthquakes as happens in other countries of the region. In addition, the economy has made it the preferred location for many foreigners to invest and live in Panama.

Before choosing the family zone in which you want to live in Panama, you must take into account the amenities offered by each of the options you have to choose.

The best areas of Panama City are characterized by being central and offering a large number of services. They are areas that have banks, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, schools, shops, among others.

We will tell you 3 family zones to live in Panama. 

1) Costa del Este

Costa del Este is an exclusive real estate development area in Panama City. It was designed with high standards of first world, fully buried wiring, restricted access urbanization, independent plant for wastewater processing, etc.

It has well-planned residential areas, large buildings, commercial plazas, large sidewalks, banks, schools, green areas, and a boardwalk nearly 4 miles long.

2) Paitilla

Paitilla is an exclusive area of Panama City located in the center. In the area of Paitilla you can find hospitals, clinics, green areas, parks, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, banks and more.

Also is located next to the Cinta Costera, where you and your family can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. In the weekends there will always be some activity to enjoy with family in the Cinta Costera.

3) Clayton

Clayton with its ample green areas is an area where the family can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, picnicking with children, playing football and more. It also has shopping areas with restaurants, banks, supermarkets, cafes, shops and more.

This area is covered by prestigious schools such as Las Esclavas, St. Mary's School, Colegio Javier, Balboa Academy and The Florida State University.

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Classification of places to live in Panama