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Apartments for Rent in Panama City

Apartments for rent in Panama City are easy to find if you follow certain tips to improve your experience. Many tenants face potential danger when it comes to renting apartments, just as prospective buyers when looking to buy. Is important for you to make sure you’re satisfied with the terms and clauses of the contract. Apartments in Panama City varies depending on the area.  
Here are some useful tips before renting an apartment in Panama City. 

Know your Budget

Before starting the search of the apartment you want, make sure you know your economic capabilities. Knowing how much your budget is, will depend on the area you want to live. You could start in our section of Rentals, where you can find the property you are looking for. 


If the property needs some maintenance, ask to put them written in the contract and who should cover for it before signing. An alternative is to negotiate less rent until any problem is solved.

Remember to check kitchen appliances and other devices which are included in the apartment for rent. And specify in the contract who covers these devices in case of damage or loss. 

Public Services

Be sure to discuss the contracted public services. In some cases, the contracted public services such as electricity, water, gas, and others, are assigned to the owner and the tenant pays the monthly bills. In other cases, the owner canceled the service and renters should make the reconnection.

Security Deposits

Is the sum of money equivalent to one month’s rent that is given as security for the owner. This deposit does not count as income and should not be used or considered as payment of the final monthly payment of the contract. At the end of the rent, the owner must return the security deposit to the renter after inspection of the property.

Apartments for rent in Panama City