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Advantages of Investing in Panama

In recent years Panama has been successful in the real estate sector, thanks to the tax incentives the country offers to buyers and investors. Not only that, but also for the financing facilities and the rapid revaluation of their investment.

Panama's real estate sector is facing a series of changes identified by current trends in the country's economy, generating an impact on real estate investment. The demand for investment funds in the real estate and infrastructure sector has seen a considerable increase for the national economy.

Many businessmen now consider Panama as a return-to-investment entity. The reason is because the country has a multimodal platform of services that allow to position itself with respect to other destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, supported by a solid financial system that allows the mobility of capital to and from abroad.

In Panama, security and stability measures have been developed for all those who are looking for a new opportunity within the national territory. That is why the government is offering greater legal security, which attracts more investors.

Key factors for investing in Panama

Stable political system and security

Panama is considered a country with a stable democratic system. Their governments have always prioritized the implementation of public-private partnerships in order to favor their development and investments in Panama. With a good level of security and a low incidence in natural disasters, they make it not only an ideal country to invest, but also to live.

Growing and stable economy using the US dollar

Economic growth has been 8% in the last 10 years and, according to forecasts, the GDP will continue its increasing rate in percentages that will oscillate between 6 and 7% per year. Among the main activities is the service sector, tourism and logistics, which account for 75% of GDP.

Benefits for establishing multinational companies

Through Law 41, benefits and tax incentives are granted for investing in Panama, a special and abbreviated immigration regime, special labor regime with a special visa. Thanks to these incentives there are more than 100 multinational companies based in Panama for their regional operations.

Migration and tax policy favorable to foreigners

Both foreign and Panamanian citizens are guaranteed equal treatment in investment and property transactions. Panama gives protection to people of 50 different nationalities, with priority to Spanish and Italians, so that they can obtain permanent residence. The retired foreigner residing in Panama enjoys the same advantages as the national, including discounts and exemptions in property.

International Banking Center and logistics platform

It has more than 90 banks with efficient regulations, liquidity and sound balance sheets. The Panama Canal contributes 4.5% to the national GDP and participates in 5% of the world trade with 120 routes of 80 countries. Presence of mega-port conglomerates between the Atlantic and the Pacific just an hour away, placing the country in a strategic enclave and in the nexus of both oceans.

Buying a property in Panama