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5 most popular blogs of 2017 in TDI Real Estate

The best beaches in Panama, Advantages of living in Panama, Buying or renting a property in Panama are three of the most viewed articles in TDI Real Estate during 2017.

We share a selection with the 5 most read content of 2017 in TDI Real Estate Blog:

1) The Best Beaches in Panama

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Panama is a country with two long coasts, this mean lots of beautiful beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. The best beaches in Panama has beautiful scenery, fabulous weather, vibrant communities, and great quality inexpensive housing. One of the best things about Panama is that it has beaches leading onto two oceans: the Pacific and the Caribbean.

2) Advantages of Living in Panama 


Panama is a cosmopolitan city that at the same time can find exuberant nature just minutes from the center. Living in Panama offers a quiet, safe and low-cost lifestyle. It is considered as one of the best destinations to retire in the world.

3) Best Neighborhoods in Panama City to Live


Among the best neighborhoods in Panama City to live are the following: Avenida Balboa, Costa del Este, Punta Pacifica and San Francisco. The best neighborhoods in Panama City are characterized by being highly centric and offering a large number of services. They are areas that have nearby banks, supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, schools, shops, among others.

4) Top 5 of the Tallest buildings in Panama

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Skyscrapers in Panama are on the list of the 200 highest buildings in the world. In this blog we will take a look at the tallest buildings in Panama City.  Beginning in the early 2000s, the city experienced a large construction boom, with new buildings in Panama rising up all over the city. 

Most of the skyscrapers in Panama are located in areas facing the Pacific, such as Avenida Balboa, Costa del Este and Punta Pacifica.

5) Buy or rent a property in Panama


Many doubts arises whe you want to buy or rent a property in Panama, this is common to everyone. The Real Estate market in Panama has an abundance of new properties, both in the cities and the suburbs. From luxury skyscraper apartments, beach houses, estates, family homes, and suburban houses to buy or rent. 

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