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5 most attractive countries to invest in real estate

Specialists consider that investing in real estate is one of the best investment alternatives. You can acquire a property and this at the same time increases its value and can be rented at a good price. Investing in a property is a low risk, safe and profitable investment.

This type of investment is not as simple as it seems, first you need to have knowledge to choose the area of the property and ensure that the property will increase its value. Before investing in a property, you have to know which areas are in the process of growth. 

Countries to Invest in Real Estate


In the last 20 years Singapore has had a global economic growth, as well as being a country considered as the entrance to Asian trade. Singapore has the highest GDP (gross per capital) in the world, and is becoming one of the leading financial centers. Most Asian companies are managing their finances through Singapore banks.


Mexico is one of the best countries to invest in a property because it borders the United States and there are beaches that represent great opportunities for real estate investment. For those who want to invest you can access a real estate escrow that allows foreigners to own a property.


Buying a property in Panama is an excellent investment and also a fairly simple process. The government offers several tax advantages in terms of investing in real estate in Panama, increasing the interest of many entrepreneurs. Investing in Panama opens great options to generate large dividends thanks to a strategic geographic location combined with a stable economy.

The real estate market in Panama has been growing thanks to the incentive it receives for its development as well as the advantages it offers to buyers and investors, such as financing facilities and the rapid revaluation of its investment.


Uruguay is becoming the country with the international banking center of South America. A great advantage is that there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of land, or foreign exchange controls or restrictions.


The attractiveness of investing in a property in Indonesia lies in the profitability of rent, especially in the capital Jakarta, where profitability is between 8.6% and 9.6%, having grown in recent years.

A new law passed in December 2015 allows foreigners to own land and homes for a total period of 80 years.

In Indonesia enjoy possession for 30 years, then there is the possibility of extending it another 20 years and, subsequently, for 30 years. It is worth mentioning that property titles can be inherited by the descendants of the foreign owner.

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